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A rivet is a fastening system designed to join two pieces, whether of the same or different material, especially in applications where only one side is accessible. Bralo rivets provide a safe and resistant solution to many fastening problems. They have been designed to satisfy the highest quality levels and are manufactured to resist the severest weather conditions.

Our constant use of innovative technology has created the most comprehensive range of rivets in the market. Thanks to our wide range of materials, finishes and conditioning processes, our customer can choose from all our rivets features: from colour up to design.

The best option for a particular application depends on the work that has to be done. Is it exposed to humidity? , what is the thickness of the materials that are to be fastened? , What is the load that the rivet will receive? . Identify first your specific needs and then choose the style and size of the rivet that best suits your needs. Bralo offer multiple rivet styles, with different benefits for each specific application.


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